PR & Media Consulting

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PR & Media Consulting

Whereas traditional Public Relations work does not cover the variable of public-oriented feedback, it is exactly here where EUROpress steps in with professional calculation. Media analysis, background research and pinpointed cooperation with the various press organs guarantee optimal exposure and wellfounded per formance, providing an adequate echo among the media, the focused target group and the general public.

Communication as the foundation – language on all levels, living words, talking illustrations.

  • Press and Public Relations Work
  • Developing of Communica tion- Strategies (Information Concepts)
  • Implementation of Communication Paths (“social competence”)
  • PR Appearances with Focused Themes (PR Campaigns)
  • Accompanying Related Topics “Cross-Cultural Marketing”
  • Post-Communication Control Media Analysis


Aim: Press Marketing as a success factor in media-effective activities. Direct,
         target-oriented, sustainable and rateable by external media analysis.